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I grew up cooking, and this passion grew after I graduated college and lived on my own. My favorite restaurant served a signature dish of jumbo gulf shrimp in a Cajun-spiced seafood broth, which I wanted to recreate at home. In 2006, I bought an off-the-shelf Creole seasoning at the store, and back home in my kitchen, I opened the opaque envelope, and poured what appeared to be white powder into the pot. I realized this Creole “seasoning” was little more than mildly flavored salt, and knew I could do it better.

Four years later, I used my own Creole blend to create a lovely dinner, which I served to my now-wife, Carolyn, on our first date. I later moved to be with her in Washington, DC, and we married in June 2014. Carolyn shares my passion for cooking and good food, and we founded District Spice in November 2014, to share the many wonderful salt-free spice blends and recipes we created over our years together. While we use salt, and love what it can do for a dish, salt should not be an ingredient listed on your spice blend. Please enjoy our spices, try our recipes, experiment with your own, and always remember to salt it your way.

Nate Shettler Blodgett

About Us

Nate and Carolyn are both California natives who live and play in and around the Washington, DC area. When not blending spices, they can be found riding their Harley motorcycle; exploring local restaurants, museums, and wineries; enjoying plays, musicals, and movies; shooting; hiking; gardening; and walking Dyna, their rescue pup.

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